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North American Pallet Recycling Network
North American Pallet Recycling Network has been established as a marketplace to promote the recycling of pallets.
North American Pallet Recycling Network operates as an online infomation exchange that directly matches generators and recyclers of pallets.

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Wisconsin Pallet Recycling Exchange

List the quantity and the location of your old wooden pallets and the exchange will try to find a local pallet collector.
The Wisconsin Pallet Recycling Exchange is a free information exchange service for business in Wisconsin.
Terms and Conditions

WANTED : 48x40 standard 4 way & 2 way pallets and recyclable pallets

Pallet broker/ recycler: looking for standard 48x40 4 way & 2 way pallets!! Quotes given for removal of large quantities of irregular sized pallets that others left behind or your company simply acquires over time. All in an effort to help your buisness run smooth without clutter as well as look clean while keeping this material out of landfills!!
Info required: pallet sizes/ quantity and condition of each size, location and company name with phn number, desired remove by date, photos of said material.

Location: Western Wisconsin

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North American Pallet Recycling Network has been established as a free service to promote pallet recycling between
local recyclers who collect pallets from local commercial and industrial businesses that have pallets to dispose of.

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